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Books for Bucks

Photo of happy children. Reading is a positive influence on the mind and growth of children.Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, it helps me stay current with the latest advancements in the field of Dentistry. Reading also acts a stress reliever and enhances positive thoughts for me. I truly believe in the adage “knowledge is power.” In the times where kids spend a lot of time on electronic media (mine are no exception!!!) “Books for Bucks” is one of my passion projects. It is my effort to encourage the love of reading in our children.

As a part of “Books for Bucks”, we encourage our young readers to read a few pages of their favorite book for five minutes to one of our team members. The kids can earn a gift card or a credit towards their dental appointment. They can choose to be entered in a raffle and win prizes.

If your child loves reading come in and give them a chance to win prizes!


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