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What is Pediatric Dentistry?

A family with a young child. Help your child develop healthy habits by visiting Carrollton Smiles for their pediatric care.It is essential that children begin seeing the dentist as soon as their first baby teeth start coming in. In fact, the AAPD recommends that dental care for the the baby as one dental visit even for one tooth can equal ZERO cavities.

By bringing your child into our office twice a year, it helps to develop healthy habits and encourages them to continue care well into adulthood. We offer pediatric dentistry for children and teens of all ages and varying needs. Dr. Bhandaru is committed to offering your family the care that’s needed in a calm, welcoming and relaxing environment.

Did You Know …

25% of our nation’s children have 80% of the cavities1!

Why should your child see a Pediatric Dentist?

Your child should see a pediatric dentist because it helps to prevent problems from occurring or getting worse. With preventative treatment, Dr. B can offer them the care that’s needed to maintain a full, healthy smile. Carrollton Smiles offer restorative procedures for children as well as orthodontic options. Healthy Start is another option we have readily available to help improve nighttime breathing, issues with snoring and early onset orthodontic problems.

She was the best! I took my 3 year old (who was terrified) and made her feel so welcomed that she’s no longer scared of the dentist!! JM

Who’s a good candidate for Pediatric Dentistry?

Children of all ages are good candidates for pediatric dentistry. Dr. Bhandaru can see infants as well as older teens and we can provide the care that they need well into adulthood. By growing with your child, we can help determine their needs and their level of care. It is never too late to get your child in to have an exam and cleaning, but we normally recommend having them come into the office when you notice their first baby teeth coming through the gums.

What can your child expect during a Pediatric Dental appointment?

Pediatric appointments are fun, carefree and quick. Your child will come into our office and have a cleaning done. The cleaning removes any hardened plaque and stains from your child’s teeth. Next, they’ll have an examination done by us. Dr. Bhandaru will check for signs of cavities and other problems. Next, we will recommend treatment as needed and offer preventative options like fluoride (fluoride not only helps prevent tooth decay, it cures beginning cavities.) and sealants if this is something you feel your child would benefit from having.

If your child is ready to begin seeing a new dentist, we welcome you to call our office and schedule an appointment for them to meet us.

1 CDC “Children’s Oral Health”, April 21, 2021, https://www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/basics/childrens-oral-health/index.html


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