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Dr. Bhandaru and Carrollton Smiles is excited to be a LANAP® certified clinician for treating gum disease with a patient-friendly and less invasive procedure. Patient care and patient comfort is always our priority and we feel laser technology will continue to support our values.

Facts about gum disease

Did you know that over 50% of American adults have gum disease1? If you suffer from bleeding gums, swollen gums, tooth pain, you are likely one of those 50%. Gum disease is an infection below the gum line and is linked to several health problems – such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pre-term babies. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of adults get the treatment they need. Traditional gum disease treatment options involve cutting the gum tissue or extracting the teeth.

Laser technology to help fight gum disease

The LANAP® protocol uses the specific wavelength PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser to vaporize bacteria deep within the pockets of the gums while leaving healthy tissue intact. Patients undergoing this type of treatment enjoy fast healing times and more predictable results. Take care of your oral and total health today.

Benefits of LANAP® protocol

Non-invasive procedures offer patients a much better experience. Some of the key points to fighting gum disease with LANAP® protocol include:

  • Faster Healing – LANAP® is minimally invasive and allows the body to recover and heal more quickly.
  • Less Discomfort – Patients report less discomfort during and after surgery.
  • Minimal Recovery Time – Most patients can immediately return to their daily routine.
  • Little to No Gum Recession – Because the procedure doesn’t require cutting the gums, there is less risk of recession and your beautiful smile is maintained.
  • Reduction in Gum Inflammation and Bleeding – The PerioLase® MVP-7™ targets inflammatory bacteria without injuring healthy tissue.
  • Saves Teeth – Patients can keep their natural teeth sometimes even when the teeth have been deemed ‘hopeless’ with traditional treatments. Keeping your natural teeth has been linked to a longer lifespan!
  • Safe for patients with Health Concerns –LANAP® protocol is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Plavix or aspirin.

Diagram of how LANAP® protocol works

LANAP® protocol diagram

A. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth.
B. Laser radiation vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue, pathologic proteins, and alerts the practitioner to the presence of tartar.
C. Ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments are used to remove root surface accretions.
D. Bone is modified at time of surgery.
E. Laser is used to form a gel-clot containing stem cells from bone and PDL.
F. Reattachment of reté ridges to clean root surface, with a stable fibrin clot at the gingival crest to create a ‘closed system’.
G. Occlusal trauma adjusted.
H. New attachment is regenerated.

Contact Carrollton Smiles for a consultation if you are experiencing tooth pain or any signs of gum disease.

1 CDC “Periodontal Disease”, July 10, 2013, https://www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/conditions/periodontal-disease.html


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