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What is Icon Treatment?

A patient receiving Icon treatment.Icon treatment is revolutionary new way of treating the early signs of cavities. Before the cavity is allowed to get worse, Icon treatment can be applied to the lesion to help stop the progression while simultaneously re-mineralizing the tooth. Icon requires no drilling or filling and is ideal for patients of all ages.

Why is Icon Treatment needed?

Icon treatment may be needed if you have a cavity. The treatment is ideal for patients of all ages because there is no drilling or filling needed. This means that no local anesthetic is required to have the procedure done. Icon is effective at stopping the spread of decay and helping to promote a healthier tooth structure. The treatment can even be used on white spots found on the teeth.

What makes you a good candidate for Icon Treatment?

To determine if Icon is right for you, you’ll come in for an exam and consultation. We will work to check for any signs of cavities and then offer Icon as a treatment option as needed. Severe decay may still require filling, but Icon is effective before the cavity gets to this point. It prevents the need to come in for local anesthetic and a filling, which would otherwise compromise your tooth.

What happens during Icon Treatment?

You will come in for an exam so that we can identify the level of decay that is present. We will then administer Icon, which is a thick gel that is placed on the lesion itself. The gel is permeable and soaks into the tooth to help stop the progression of decay and save the tooth from needing to be filled. The material is then cured with a bright light and you’ll be ready to be on your way. The process is quick, easy and can be detrimental to the health of your teeth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Icon and our approach to treating cavities, call us today and our helpful staff members will be happy to further assist you.


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