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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Illustration of the inside of a tooth.There are many different reasons for needing dental root canal treatment.

Our teeth have 3 different layers. The outer layer called enamel, which protects the tooth, the second layer called dentin, and this layer has some nerves. The inner most layer is called dental pulp, which has blood vessels and nerves. When dental cavities teeth extend to the Pulp of a tooth may cause an abscess.

Dental abscesses will either require a root canal treatment or a dental extraction; dental trauma or sports injuries that effect the nerve chamber of the tooth can also require root canal treatment.
If the dental cavity is not extensive enough to warrant a dental extraction, a root canal treatment will be recommended.

Root canal treatment allows the patient to save the tooth that is infected. This procedure will be performed by your general dentist, family dentist, or endodontist. Prior to the root canal treatment Dr. Bhandaru may prescribe antibiotics to decrease swelling and infection. Do not place heat on the swollen area as it can cause the swelling to worsen, allowing the dental infection to spread.

Do you need a Root Canal?

There are two main reasons why a root canal treatment may be necessary. The first is due to decay and occurs when a cavity is ignored and the decay is allowed to go deeper into the tooth. The second reason for needing a root canal is if a tooth has cracked or broken to the point of exposing the actual pulp. Root canal treatments take about an hour in the office and are done as a way to preserve the actual tooth.

What makes you a candidate for a Root Canal Treatment?

Not every tooth that has decay automatically needs a root canal treatment and not every broken tooth exposes the pulp. Because of this, an examination as well as x-ray will help us determine if this procedure is needed. If you have severe pain and are experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, this could signal the need for a root canal treatment. The majority of patients who need a root canal treatment can safely have the procedure performed.

What happens during a Root Canal Treatment?

A safe local anesthetic will be administered in the area where the root canal treatment will be done. We then work to remove any decay from the tooth and expose the pulp. Special instruments are used to carefully remove any pulp from the canals. The canals of the roots are then cleaned and disinfected to remove any remaining pulp. An x-ray may be needed at this time to ensure we’ve removed all of the pulp. Medicated material is then poured deep into the canals and the access opening in the tooth is filled with tooth-colored composite resin.

If you think you might need to have a root canal treatment done, call Carrollton Smiles today and we can help you!


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