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What are Braces?

Dentist reviewing a patients' braces.Orthodontic treatment is essential in creating a long-lasting smile that you’ll love. For children, Carrollton Smiles offers early orthodontic treatment for tongue thrust, open bites, deep bites and cross bites. For adults who have already worn braces in the past, you may have found that your teeth aren’t as straight as they used to be due to failure to wear a retainer. This is why our team also offers traditional orthodontic options as well as Invisalign clear braces.

Why would Braces be needed?

Braces may be needed if you or a child has orthodontic problems. During a consultation appointment with Dr. Bhandaru, we’ll examine your teeth and determine which type of braces are right for you. For our older teen and adult patients, Invisalign is readily available to help in creating a beautifully full and even-looking smile. Some of the reasons you or your child may need orthodontic treatment include:

  • Open bites, overbites and under bites
  • Deep bites
  • Tongue thrust
  • Crowding
  • Uneven spacing
  • Crooked and misaligned teeth

What makes you a good candidate for Braces?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, we’ll have you come in for an appointment with Dr. B. The first appointment involves a consultation, exam, series of x-rays and impressions where our team works with you to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Carrollton Smiles offers a range of different orthodontic treatment options and can work with children, teens and adults of all ages. Our goal is to create that perfect smile you’ve always wanted to have!

What happens during treatment using Braces?

Treatment varies from one patient to another. If you have severe orthodontic problems, you can expect to be wearing braces and other appliances for at least one to two years. It is important to keep up with orthodontic appointments so that we can continue the treatment without it becoming prolonged. Once the treatment has been finished, it is essential that you wear your retainer each night to maintain results. It is not uncommon for adults to need re-treatment because they failed to wear their retainer each night. At Carrollton Smiles, we personalize treatment for each of our patients so that you or your child receives the best quality care.

If you need braces for yourself or a child, call our office today and we will get to work in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bhandaru for you.


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