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What is Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

Carrollton Smiles we work to make your dental visit relaxing and anxiety-free.We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with your dental care if you suffer from severe dental anxiety. Having anxiety over the dentist is incredibly common and normal. However, if you’re finding that you’re putting off routine care because of these fears, we welcome you to come into our office for treatment. We take her time with every patient to ensure they feel welcomed and cared for personally.

Why is Anxiety-Free Dentistry important?

Our method of dentistry helps to make all of our patients feel relaxed. We works with patients of all ages, including children and special needs, so we know how important it is to create a calm and relaxed environment. Along with providing you with the care that you need, we offer sedation options that you can choose when coming in for treatment. Our goal is to provide you with the level of care that you need without having to feel worried or anxious about it.

Very nice office & friendly staff!! Dr. Bhandaru is amazing!! Very gentle and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend anyone to come here for their dental needs. KT

Who’s a good candidate for Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

Everyone is a good candidate for our anxiety-free dental approach. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment for years or if it’s been awhile since your last appointment, we welcome you to come into our office and be seen by us. Our approach is so much different from other offices because of the level of caring and dedication that we show. Carrollton Smiles is family-friendly, so we can see children as well as adults on a regular basis.

What can you expect during your Anxiety-Free Dental appointment?

We welcome new patients into our office at all times and want you to feel calm and relaxed while having dental work done. Your first appointment involves a cleaning and exam, which allows us to get to know you and your dental needs. For emergency appointments, we can get you in to be seen at your earliest convenience. Treatment is only done on an as-needed basis, so there is no worry about having unnecessary treatment done that isn’t required. Dr. Bhandaru is dedicated to improving your experience in our dental practice.

If you would like to learn more about our anxiety-free dental options, call us today and we will help to answer all of your questions regarding treatment.


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