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What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting rendering.Bone grafting is done when there are areas of bone loss around the jaw. The procedure may be necessary after extractions to help preserve structure within the area or prior to more complicated surgical procedures, like dental implants. Bone grafting utilizes material that will replace what is missing in one or more areas in the mouth. The procedure is done comfortably and easily with us.

Why is Bone Grafting needed?

Bone grafting can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. When bone is lost due to extractions or other conditions, it will not grow back on its own. Certain dental problems, like gum disease, can cause bone loss over time. Grafting may be needed prior to a more complicated procedure, like dental implants that rely on healthy bone structure to heal successfully.

What makes you a good candidate for Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure done in-office, so you should be healthy enough to undergo the surgery and have the ability to heal from it. Special imaging will help us to detect if bone grafting is necessary and where in the mouth it should be placed. Most patients who need bone grafting are good candidates for the surgery. Surgery can be done under either local or general sedation.

What happens during the Bone Grafting procedure?

During your consultation appointment with Dr. Bhandaru, we will discuss sedation options available to you. The appointment begins by administering sedation of your choosing. A small incision is made through the gums so that we can gain access to the underlying bone. Grafting material is then placed over the existing bone and a growth factor serum may be used to allow the material to bond with the surrounding structure. The gums are then sutured and you’ll come back in for a followup appointment later on during the healing process. Grafting is essential in maintaining healthy bone structure in and around your mouth.

If you think you might need bone grafting and would like to learn more about this procedure, call Carrollton Smiles today and we can work to get you in for an appointment with us.


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