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What is the Buffering Technique?

Dental office view of Carrollton SmilesOrdinary local anesthetic injections cause a sting that can be painful and uncomfortable. In fact, this sharp sting is what causes dental anxiety and phobias. We use the buffering technique to essentially take the “sting” out of injections. This provides a less painful experience and a quicker, more even numbing effect.

Why is the Buffering Technique needed?

The buffering technique simply refers to lowering the acidic value of the anesthetic being used. The reason we utilize this option is because it causes less pain and discomfort, which in turn creates a happier patient. You can still experience the benefits of a local anesthetic without the sting and sharpness of the actual injection. Because the pH doesn’t have to be lowered within the soft tissue and is instead lowered before the injection, the numbing effect happens quicker and the procedure can be done sooner.

What makes you a good candidate for the Buffering Technique?

The buffering technique can be used for any and every patient in our office. It’s great for children who may need fillings or other procedures that require local anesthetic. If you have dental anxiety and are nervous about visiting the office, this buffering technique is essential in easing your fears and creating a more relaxed experience. The buffering technique is easy, quick and can be done as needed.

What can you expect with the Buffering Technique?

The buffering technique refers to the lowering of the pH within the anesthetic itself. Lowering the pH causes the anesthetic to be less acidic and causes less of a sting when the injection is made. You will experience far less pain and discomfort thanks to this buffering technique. Buffering is done quickly and easily, since the acidic content is diluted within the injection itself. You can benefit from a more relaxed and comfortable experience thanks to us using this particular technique.

If you are interested in the buffering technique and would like to learn more about this option, call our office and we can help to answer all of your questions.


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