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Taking care of metal braces.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been the standard of care for people who want straight teeth. Metal braces are great for correcting aesthetics, and helping prevent gum and TMJ problems. Your general dentist or orthodontist can will take impressions of your teeth to have study models to tailor your treatment. Traditional metal braces can be placed in one appointment at your dentist’s office.

Traditional metal braces are great for patients who are non-complaint because they give your general dentist or orthodontist more control. Metal braces cannot be taken off so you cannot lose them. It is ideal for busy teens that have multiple activities to have traditional metal braces because sometimes appointments are sometimes missed.

Metal Brace Care

It is imperative to keep your traditional metal braces clean. They can be traps for plaque. We always recommend all metal braces patients use an electric toothbrush and a Waterpik. Most patients find it hard to floss and very time consuming. You must brush your teeth and your metal braces after every time you eat.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign, or clear braces, are very aesthetic and almost invisible to the naked eye. The clear aligners need to be worn once they are made by your dentist. The dentist makes models of your teeth and scans them to make custom dental trays. The Invisalign trays should be worn at least for 22 hours in a day. The Invisalign aligners move the teeth very gradually to ideal positions causing minimal discomfort as there is not “tightening of braces”.

Invisalign Care

The Invisalign aligners need to be replaced with new ones every 2 weeks. Since these aligners are worn at least 22 hours a day it is imperative to keep them clean. Your family dentist or orthodontist will recommend that the clear aligners be removed every time you eat or drink and rinse them. It is also advised to rinse or brush your teeth before putting the clear aligners back in place. It is easy to care for your custom clear aligners because all you have to do is brush the aligners with a soft tooth brush and nonabrasive tooth paste. Do not soak Invisalign aligners in baking soda or alcohol containing mouthwashes.

Every patient has different needs so be sure to ask your general dentist or orthodontist about the different options available to you.

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