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Tooth loss either due to gum disease or dental cavities effects an individual’s ability to eat food and speak. When the person is missing multiple teeth removable partial dentures are an option to restore in addition to dental bridges and dental implants to restore form and function. Partial dentures are great because they can replace multiple missing teeth at once. This helps to prevent your teeth from shifting and allows you to function better enabling your to eat and speak as it supports the muscles for chewing.

At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru creates custom lab fabricated partial dentures for her patients. This allows for a great fit and helps prevent the need for denture adhesives. There are two different kinds of partial dentures, one is a removable cast metal partial denture and the other is an all resin based removable partial denture.

The removable cast metal partials are more stable and enable the patient to eat all kinds of foods. These removable partial dentures are recommended only when the mouth is stable and is free of gum disease and cavities. Most dental insurances pay for custom removable cast metal partial dentures. Most patients need a few adjustments after the removable cast metal partial dentures are given to relieve sore spots.

All resin removable partial dentures are also called dental flippers or interim removable partial dentures. These are advised in cases when more treatment is necessary in cases of full mouth reconstruction or an implant procedure for aesthetic purposes. The advantage of all resin removable partial dentures is that more teeth can be added to it as the treatment progresses.

It is very essential to take care of removable partial dentures. They need to be removed every night and placed in a case provided by Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru of Carrollton Smiles. The removable partial dentures have to be brushed with a soft dental tooth brush to get rid of food. After every meal the removable partial dentures need to be taken out and rinsed to keep the gums healthy. The denture soaking tablets available in most grocery, pharmacy, and convenience stores can be used once a week to dissolve the proteins from the removable partial dentures.

Restoring your mouth with removable partial dentures can be an expensive undertaking. At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, offers the Carrollton Smiles Dental Advantage Program. Patients will receive a 15% discount by being part of the Dental Advantage Program.

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