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If the dental cavity is not large enough to cause the tooth to fail, a root canal treatment will be recommended. Root canal treatment allows the patient to save the tooth. The root canal treatment comprises of removal of the infected nerve tissue and filling the tooth with biologically inert material. The root canal treatment will be performed by your general dentist, family dentist, or endodontist.

Once the root canal treatment is completed by your dentist, they will recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth. A dental crown is very important part of the success of your root canal treatment. After the root canal treatment the tooth becomes brittle and more prone to fracture. The complete coverage with a dental crown protects the integrity of the tooth structure and increases the longevity. If the tooth that required the root canal treatment already has a crown present it may need to be replaced.

To perform the root canal treatment all the decayed and infected tooth is removed and an access opening is made to the root canal chamber. This results in a weakened, hollowed tooth structure; so your general dentist or family dentist will place a build-up prior to starting the crown preparation. A tooth build-up material is a mercury free composite substance that takes place of the missing tooth structure and enables your dentist to create ideal dimensions of the remaining tooth. This tooth build-up seals the root canal chambers from getting re-infected.

If a crown or build-up is not placed within 30 days of the root canal treatment the procedure will need to re-done to ensure success and longevity of the tooth.

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