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Dental Emergency is a situation where you have a toothache, dental abscess, or a broken tooth due to trauma. These dental emergencies need to be addressed as soon as they occur. Treatment for dental emergencies can vary dependent on the nature of the emergency.

Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses/toothaches can be very painful and cause swelling, fever, and drainage. Emergency treatment for an abscessed tooth may be an antibiotic, followed by an incision and drainage in some situations. Once the infection is controlled the root canal treatment or dental extraction may be required.

It is very essential to follow up after the symptoms of dental abscess have subsided. If the treatment is not followed through recurrent dental infection will occur. Dental abscess may be harder to treat in immune compromised individuals and children due to their fragile constitution.

Broken Tooth

When you break a tooth due to trauma it is very essential to have your family dentist or general dentist evaluate it. Your dentist will take x-rays to make sure the tooth is savable and evaluate for fractured dental bone and adjacent teeth. It is necessary to follow up as suggested by the dental provider to avoid dental infections, discolored teeth, and unnecessary bone loss.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss as a result of an accident is very traumatic. Should you lose a tooth due to trauma, dental implants or dental bridges can be placed to restore your smile. Discolored teeth may sometimes need dental root canal treatment with crowns placed afterwards or Kor whitening which is provided at Carrollton Smiles.

At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru offers same-day emergency dental appointments. Dental emergencies can be every expensive so Dr. Bhandaru offers Carrollton Smiles Dental Advantage program. This allows patients to have quality treatment at an affordable price as this plan offers a 15% discount of all dental services offered.

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