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There are many options on the market for teeth whitening. Some dental teeth whitening options are over the counter, provided in-office, or something that you can take home. To choose the option that is best for you there are many things one must consider; how white will my teeth get, how expensive is it, and how long does it take?

The least expensive option for teeth whitening is over the counter. These results will not be as good as in-office or take home whitening because they are not prescription strength. While your teeth might lighten with these products you will not achieve optimal results. The over the counter option may require more frequent whitening to keep up the desired color of teeth which this may be detrimental to the overall health of the teeth.

If you are interested in take home whitening Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru at Carrollton Smiles will take impressions to fabricate your custom fabricated dental trays and an initial color of your teeth shade is taken. After the custom fabricated dental trays are made Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru will send you home with dental whitening gel to use at night for 2 weeks. When the patient returns to Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, evaluates the results of the take home dental whitening to compare the before and after shades of the teeth.

At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, offers 2 different in-office teeth whitening systems. ZOOM! Whitening is a very popular teeth whitening procedure, this is also called laser whitening which uses a whitening gel and a light to activate the gel. This process is repeated 2-3 times until the desired level of teeth whitening is achieved. After the ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure is completed a desensitizing gel is applied to the patient’s teeth to help with any discomfort. System?

The Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is a permanent teeth whitening system that Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru offers to her patients at Carrollton Smiles. Kor is a very effective system for fluoride stains, age related stains, tetracycline stains and discolored teeth due to sports injuries.

After the initial consultation at Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, custom fabricates the Kor® trays that are given to you and at the initial color of your teeth is registered. You are to whiten at home for 2 weeks and one or two in-office sessions will be required to achieve the final desired shade. The Kor teeth whitening system has the least amount of postoperative sensitivity. Two weeks after the in-office teeth whitening procedure a final results of your teeth whitening are measured.

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