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Beautiful smile makeover.

Which Choice Is Right For Me As A Part Of A Smile Makeover? Dental Veneers, Dental Crowns, Traditional Dental Braces, Teeth Whitening or Invisalign?

Perfectly straight teeth and a beautiful smile increase an individual’s confidence. A smile makeover has multiple facets to it. Dental veneers, dental crowns, traditional dental braces, Invisalign, or teeth whitening are all options available in a smile makeover.

Dental porcelain veneers are placed on teeth for an aesthetic result. The dental veneers enable the individual to change the shape, color, and position of the teeth. The dental veneers require minimal preparation and save a lot of the tooth structure. Patients who grind their teeth, or have the habit of biting their nails, and other para-functional habits are not ideal candidates to receive dental veneers.

Dental porcelain crowns are an important part of a smile makeover. They enable your cosmetic dentist to change the shape, size and color of the tooth. The dental porcelain crowns are an essential part of smile makeover and are ideal if major changes are anticipated in a smile makeover. If you are not a candidate for dental porcelain veneers, dental porcelain crowns may be the treatment of choice for you.

If the teeth require major change in the position traditional metal braces may be required prior to the placement of porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. The traditional metal dental braces enable your cosmetic dentist to move teeth to more ideal positions to achieve a more aesthetic smile. Sometimes traditional metal braces give an aesthetic result making porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns unnecessary to achieve a perfect dental smile.

If minor tooth movements are required to achieve a perfect smile as a part of your smile make over, then Invisalign might be an option for you. Invisalign utilizes a series of clear dental aligners to gradually move your teeth to ideal positions. Invisalign might be a great option for a busy individual and in social situations.

Teeth whitening is the most cost effective way to brighten your smile. At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, is proud to offer Kor Whitening. For more information on Kor Whitening please check out our website at http://www.carrollton-smiles.com/services/teeth-whitening.

Doing a smile makeover is an extensive and expensive process. Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru at Carrollton Smiles provides the Carrollton Smiles Dental Advantage Program. With this program you can save 15% off for major restorative services as a part of a smile makeover.

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