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Dental retainers

Dental retainers are essential for success of traditional dental braces or Invisalign treatment. Teeth have a tendency to move back to original position if they are not retained at the ideal position for a sufficient amount of time. It takes time for the bone to completely remodel to the new tooth positions.

It is recommended to wear dental retainers 24 hours a day for at minimum the first 12 months after the traditional braces or Invisalign treatment is completed. After that it is recommended to wear at night for a lifetime of success. These dental retainers are removable and need to be taken out while eating and brushed with a soft toothbrush to keep them clean.

Dental Retainer Care

Dental retainers need to be kept in the provided case when not in mouth after the first year during the day to prevent loss or destruction. Denture cleaning tablets can be used once a month to keep them clean and fresh. Do not use alcohol containing mouthwashes or baking soda to scrub the dental retainers and avoid placing them in the dishwasher as it will warp them.

If you lose your dental retainer call your dental provider right away to avoid tooth movement and relapse of your orthodontic / dental braces treatment.

Alternately your family dentist or orthodontist may choose to bond a lingual wire permanently on the back of the top and bottom teeth. This facilitates a higher chance of success in preventing relapse. It is imperative to keep these clean by flossing under the wire with floss threaders, super floss, or Waterpik. If you have any questions on how to use your Waterpik check out the Carrollton Smiles YouTube channel or the Carrollton Smiles Facebook page.

Lifetime of dental retainer use ensures a lifetime of success with your traditional dental braces or Invisalign treatment.

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