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Root canal diagram showing procedural steps.

When the dental cavity compromises the tooth, a root canal treatment will be recommended. Root canal treatment allows the patient to save the tooth. The root canal treatment comprises of removal of the infected nerve tissue and filling the tooth with biologically inert material. The root canal treatment will be performed by your general dentist, family dentist, or endodontist.

When your general dentist advises, or recommends a root canal treatment it is suggested to have it done as soon as possible. Long standing dental infections are hard to treat as bacteria colonizes in the area decreasing the chances of root canal treatment success. Presence of dental pus due to long standing infection reduces the chance of achieving perfect numbing of the tooth. The dental pus interacts with the anesthetic material and renders it inactive.

It is very essential to have a dental crown and a dental build-up placed as soon as possible for the success and longevity of the root canal treatment. If the root canal chambers are not sealed then the chance of re-infection and fracture to the tooth increases. Your general dentist or family dentist will recommend the right dental crown for your dental needs. If within 30 days of have the root canal treatment performed the root canal procedure will need to be re-done.

If your root canal treatment does fail then you are looking at re-treatment of your root canal or in worse cases a dental extraction. Often patients are referred to a specialist which is an endodontist by their family dentist. This is due to the special microscopes that will allow the endodontist to know if the tooth is fractured or cracked. If the tooth is fractured or cracked then a dental extraction is required. Should a dental extraction be required patients will have the choice of a dental implant or a dental bridge.

At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru understands that root canal treatment and dental crowns are costly which is why she offers our Dental Advantage Program which allows patients to get to notch care at an affordable rate. As a part of the Dental Advantage Program all dental treatment is 15% off the regular office fees.

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