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Dental veneers

Uneven, crooked, and discolored teeth affect the smile of an individual. Dental veneers are an easy and quick way to improve your smile. If you have discolored teeth as a result of tetracycline stains, fluoride stains, deformed or malformed teeth you may be a candidate of dental veneers.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain jackets that are adhered to the teeth. The teeth are minimally prepared so a majority of the tooth structure is saved. Periodically in some cases dental veneers do de-bond requiring to be put back on.

The patient needs to take care of the dental veneers meticulously. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using a Watperik is highly recommended by Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru of Carrollton Smiles. Gum health is very important in the success and failure of dental veneers. A custom fabricated dental night guard made by your general or family dentist is recommended to prolong the life of your veneers.

If you are unsure how to take care of your veneers call our office at (972) 245-3455; or check out the Carrollton Smiles Facebook page and Carrollton Smiles YouTube video where Dr. Bhandaru demonstrates how to use a Waterpik.

At Carrollton Smiles, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, understands extensive dental procedures cause dental anxiety in patients. We are proud to offer oral conscious sedation and Nitrous Oxide to make your appointments as stress free as possible. Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru also has blankets, headphones, sleeping masks, and pillows to make you more comfortable at our dental office.

Most dental insurances do not cover veneers because they are considered a cosmetic procedure. This is why Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru of Carrollton Smiles offers 15% all your major restorative treatment as a part of the Carrollton Smiles Dental Advantage Program. This will help you achieve the smile you deserve.

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